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Immersive fellowship programs to prepare veterans for successful post-military careers

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What is a Military Fellowship?

Military Fellowships are typically three months long and are designed to maximize learning, develop new skills, and establish a network inside an impactful company.

Military Fellows are at the top of their field and have a track record of success. They have demonstrated an ability to learn quickly and the fellowship builds industry-specific context, rapidly. By the end of three months, they are outstanding candidates for full-time roles at their host companies.

With Shift, we knew they would help us figure out how we could translate those soft skills into positions here at Affirm.

Ragini Holloway, Head of Talent at Affirm

Why Shift?

One of the big challenges for today’s veterans is that government and commercial job placement agencies make recommendations mostly based on military job titles. Unfortunately, modern jobs at high-growth companies often aren't listed in the recommendation databases.

We realize that many veterans thrive in high-growth environments and that we can unlock serious potential if we can translate skills more intelligently. That’s why we decided to start Shift.

Amplifying talent

At the beginning of the talent development process, we assess an applicant's abilities, preferences, values, and personality. We dive beneath the surface of a resume to create an entirely new talent profile to match great people to great organizations.

Every time someone from Shift is hired, our ability to predict a perfect match gets better, and we’re one step closer to creating seamless and professional hiring experiences for any company.

With Shift, military veterans can easily integrate into the workplace, be productive and thrive.

Bernard Coleman, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Uber