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startup culture

Members of the military are often drawn to very large, well-established companies that they are familiar with as consumers, but there is a wealth of opportunity to be had in the companies that are on their way to greatness but aren't yet as well known.
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What is a startup?

The term “startup” can broadly define any company from it’s very beginning days until it becomes publicly traded on the stock exchange. These companies are young and hungry — developing new products and services and growing rapidly to reach as broad a market as possible — but they can also be very well-resourced.

When most people hear the word “startup” they think of a few folks coding software in their garage. While many companies start this way, Shift works with companies that are already many steps down their path to success. Our typical partners have demonstrated traction and raised tens — sometimes hundreds — of millions in funding from their investors and come to us because their teams are growing rapidly and they admire military talent.

But what if I don’t code?

Even the techiest of tech companies requires a broad range of roles and skill sets to succeed. Startups need scrappy problem solvers who want to have broad responsibilities and a “do whatever it takes” attitude. In addition to engineers and data scientists, startups also need recruiters, human resources leaders, salespeople, customer success managers, project and operations managers, and more.

How do I get started?

SkillBridge internships offer a great opportunity to “try before you buy” — for both employer and employee. For your final 3-6 months of service, try out the startup environment and drive value for your host company. While 85% of Shift’s SkillBridge interns convert to full-time hires, occasionally some find that their host company wasn’t the right fit — in which case, we help them explore other opportunities.

What is SkillBridge?

The Department of Defense SkillBridge program is an opportunity for separating or retiring service members to gain valuable civilian work experience and facilitate a smooth transition into the civilian workforce. Shift is an approved DoD SkillBridge provider that can help you make a match with one of our participating host companies for a full-time internship in a role that leverages your strengths and experience and supports your post-military career goals.

Am I eligible?

You can apply for a SkillBridge internship at any time in your transition process, but the following conditions must be met:

  • You have 180 days of service or fewer remaining prior to your date of separation.
  • You have at least 180 continuous days of active service in a participating branch of the US military (with the exception of the US Coast Guard due to DoD regulations). 
  • Active guard and reserve members are also eligible.  
  • Internships with Shift partner companies can range from 6 weeks to 24 weeks in length based on the needs of the host company and your command approval.

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Meet our SkillBridge partners

Shift partners with dozens of companies who are eager to add military talent to their teams. In-person and remote SkillBridge opportunities are available across the Lower 48, and our list of participating hosts is always growing and subject to the specific, evolving needs of each company. Click on the company logos below to learn more about some of Shift’s most active partners and their current needs.
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