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Introducing the Military Fellows Program

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We’re reimagining the impactful roles veterans can fill in the modern workforce

250,000 new veterans per year are recommended jobs mostly based on their previous military job title, but most veterans leave the military in search of new challenges and have no idea where to start.

We want more veterans on staff and we also want to be able to give back to the community

Kathy Mason, University Recruiter at Okta

Mike Slagh on The Pitch

When Mike Slagh left the military, he wanted to find a job in tech, but he couldn’t get his foot in the door. And then he realized he wasn’t the only one.

Vets in Silicon Valley: John Chan from UpGuard

Vets in Silicon Valley is a collection of stories from military veterans from all four branches who are now working in Silicon Valley. These quick glimpses into daily life are made for current service members researching how they might break into the technology community. Shift is on a mission to build pathways out of the service that didn’t previously exist.

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Apply for a Shift Fellowship up to 12 months before or after you leave the miltary

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