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Our Vision: a world where career growth and learning are visible, accessible, and affordable, and the diversity of someone’s experience and achievements are fairly assessed and celebrated. Transitions across industry should advance someone’s career, rather than hold them back.

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Founded in 2016 and based in
San Francisco, California

Shift is a career advancement company where current and former members of the US Military discover careers, acquire and demonstrate new skills, and embark upon new job experiences at the best companies in the world. From active duty servicemembers in the midst of their military career to veterans who have made the transition to civilian life, Shift’s community platform allows
its members to engage in career development services that keep them competitive in the current and future economy. Shift’s talent acquisition services provide our corporate partners with a talent pipeline of diverse, non-traditional, experienced and prepared candidates. Shift is a veteran-founded small business backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Expa, and Structure Capital.

In the early days of building a startup, founders make critical decisions that will shape their companies for years.

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Why Shift?

“I was a bomb disposal officer in the Navy and provided technical expertise to military units all over the world. I had built software products in the past and always had a fascination with technology. But I had no idea how the skills learned in the military translated to something of value in my next career. That’s when I realized that many veterans thrive in high-growth, ambiguous environments and there was serious potential to unlock if we could figure out new pathways and intelligent ways to tell their stories. That’s when I decided to start Shift.”

Mike Slagh, CEO of Shift


We’re trying something new at Shift

With an estimated 1.5 million servicemembers joining the civilian workforce over the next five years, we understand the need for improved skill translation and career guidance as they explore what’s next. That’s why we’re building dynamic and predictive models to improve the way we match military backgrounds with great opportunities, while continuing to highlight the fascinating stories of the military community to Shift hiring partners.

Rapid career development

The military community has access to free career development opportunities to connect with emerging leaders and industry experts around the US as they rapidly grow their careers.

Powered by technology

We’ve partnered with leading software investors and the Department of Defense to build better military talent intelligence and assessment technology.

Better hiring outcomes

We account for all military and life experiences, as well as career goals and personal values, in order to highlight candidates and reflect their unique strengths and expertise.

Strength in numbers

Our alumni provide personal insight, guidance, and referrals as they share their success stories and help shape a community that reinforces and enhances our platform.

Our investors

We’ve joined forces to help current and former members of the US Military discover and prepare for successful new career paths.


Advance your career

Our alumni and their success stories provide insight, guidance, and referrals, creating a community that fortifies and enhances our platform.
Full Tilt Capital
As a veteran, this is the product I wish existed when I left the military. It completely changes the status quo by bringing opportunities directly to veterans.
“I subscribe to the veteran talent email and we’ve loved seeing the diverse backgrounds coming from the Shift network.”
Snap Inc.
When you’re getting out of the military, Shift provides an invaluable hub for discovering the specific skill requirements and growth opportunities for different roles in tech.
“Shift is an innovative new platform to find top military talent. I really enjoy getting their weekly emails and passing along great candidates.”

The military community

Fast-track your career in an emerging industry as you gain invaluable skills, expert knowledge, and personalized guidance on the path to your new career. All members of the military community are eligible to apply.