Magnifying true potential

We are a mission-driven talent development company powering successful career shifts for military veterans.

Our beliefs

Our internal principles and ideals that allow us to remain steadfast as we continue to grow and evolve.

Communities build stronger ties and power deeper insight.

Passion, creativity, & problem solving supersede pedigree.

Hard skills are fleeting; soft skills are future proof.

Grit is the most important job qualification.

We already know it's there. The tools, the talent, the passion, the potential. We exist to recognize all these traits.

Mike Slagh, CEO, Shift
Shift Fellows at work

Our methods

We examine details below the surface

We access more than hard skills. We look at the complex inner workings of the individual - soft skills, innate abilities, values, personality, and interests.

We see past names, titles, and resumes

No bias or blindspots. Data analysis and pattern recognition to arrive at bare metal, mitigating personal doubt and human error.

We elevate the already amazing

No in-between, ill-fitting, or dead-end jobs. We provide career direction that accentuates a person's unique strenghts and propels them to professional success.

Shift compounds the power of people

Our alumni and their success stories provide insight, guidance, and referrals, creating a community that fortifies and enhances our platform.

Our investors