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Talent Spotlight Program

Join the Shift talent network for the opportunity to be introduced to our hiring partners in full-time roles or SkillBridge Internships. 

Every 2 weeks, Shift features veterans to forward-thinking teams who value military experience.

Choose a career field that aligns with the talent needs for our partner network.

Choose a career field that aligns with the talent needs for our network of high-growth hiring partners.

Applying for jobs? Boost your visibility with Shift

  • Share your personal narrative around your background, accomplishments, and goals.
  • Customize your career highlights to resonate with recruiters from various industries.
  • Include in-demand qualifications like an MBA degree, Top Secret Clearance, or SkillBridge eligibility.

Join the Shift Career Community

Step One

Build your profile, including your military background, target employment start date, and location preferences.

Step Two

New batches of candidate profiles “go live” on Shift’s customer-facing Talent Tool every two weeks.

Step Three

Candidates are featured “in the spotlight” for four weeks during their ideal interviewing window.

Step Four

Shift partners reach out to candidates directly to schedule interviews. Make sure to monitor your email for their outreach!

Have questions about Shift’s Talent Spotlight? Find answers on our FAQ page.
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