Come change the lives of servicemembers,
past and present

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Work, with purpose

Shift is an a16z, Expa, and Structure Capital backed startup. Our mission is to advance the careers of military members, past and present.

Our vision is to create a world where career growth and learning are visible, accessible, and affordable, and the diversity of someone’s experience and achievements are fairly assessed and celebrated.
Our Squad

About the team

We’re a team of folks of diverse backgrounds, who come from both military and civilian sectors, all deeply committed to our mission. There is nothing more sincere and powerful than the desire of each of our team members to make a difference in the lives of those who have dedicated their lives to service.  

If you think you’d do your best work alongside us and our mission - we’d love to hear from you! 
“The best part of my job at Shift is the opportunity to broaden the horizons for service members in their professional careers. Being able to play a small part in their success gives me energy to come in every day, because I know I am able to help make a difference in their lives, as well as in the way the DoD and private industry can work together.”
Will Tyndall
Federal Team
“I've become more confident in sharing more of my thoughts and ideas because I know they are welcomed and heard here. At Shift, I’m making my ideas come alive, working with a great team, and helping transitioning military members & veterans as they go through an interview process & receive the job offer!”
Geraldine Alvarez
Member Team

The principles that guide us

We look to create a world where career growth and learning are visible, accessible, and affordable, and the diversity of someone’s experience and achievements are fairly assessed and celebrated. Transitions across industry should advance someone’s career, rather than hold them back.
Activate Diverse Perspectives
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Empower unheard voices
  • Assess creatively, transparently, without bias
  • Welcome and encourage unique perspectives and experiences
Embrace Shifts
  • Advance careers
  • Lean into discomfort
  • Give and Seek timely and constructive feedback
  • Evolve quickly and be willing to change your mind
Celebrate Our Stories
  • Empower storytelling excellence
  • Create space to be heard and seen
  • See the whole person
  • Celebrate community success
Deliver Extraordinary Value
  • Communicate what you need in order to deliver
  • Learn "what great looks like" and share it
  • Align on top priorities and focus efforts there
  • Set realistic expectations, always deliver, and often exceed
Our culture

Six principles to remember


We accept responsibility for our actions and the commitments we make to others.


We think “brilliant jerk” is an oxymoron. We are sensitive to the feelings of others and are actively seeking out new perspectives.


We bring our whole and best selves to work to show honesty and build trust


We prize being truthful, honest, and demonstrating strong ethical principles


Intellectual curiosity is the backbone of our collaboration efforts. We seek to learn, to understand and to clarify when rationale or expectations are unclear.


All of us together and individually stand for something bigger than ourselves: our teams, our community, our mission.

This team receives significant perks

Generous Health Care Coverage
Variety of paid coverage options for you and qualified dependents for medical, dental and vision.
Competitive salary
and sizable equity
You'll own a piece of our success.
with a 6% match
Helping to take care of your future in more ways than one.
Spending Wallet
Monthly recurring meal and internet stipend in addition to a yearly home office stipend accessible via PerkUp.
Paid pregnancy
and parental leave
Fully paid leave to help take care of you and your new bundle of joy.
Flexible time off
and a remote team
Plenty o' PTO to lead a balanced life and support for you to work remotely.
Learning & Development Programs
Reimbursements towards continuing ed programs for career growthly.
Career opportunities

Come work with us!

Finance & Operations Manager
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“During my internship as a Military Affairs Assistant with the San Diego Padres, I worked closely with the Military Affairs Advisor and Community Department to organize and execute various initiatives that honored and recognized our servicemen and servicewomen to include Military Sunday Salutes, the first annual Military Mothers-to-Be Baby Shower, and our annual Military & Padres Alumni Players Softball Game. After transitioning out of the military in late 2022, I secured a full-time position with the Padres as the Military & Community Relations Coordinator. Getting hired straight out of the military had a transformative impact on my post-service journey, providing me with a seamless transition into a new career path while preserving the sense of purpose, discipline, and teamwork that I developed during my time in the military. Thanks to the support and guidance from, I was able to secure my Skillbridge internship, which ultimately led to my successful transition into a career in the civilian sector.”
“The Defense Venture Program is a fantastic way for a small business to connect with key stakeholders within the DoD that provide valuable perspectives on working with the government, providing product feedback and use-case direction. The entire Shift team was instrumental in connecting Bunker Supply with very talented service members that helped drive our business forward. The Fellows that were matched with Bunker Supply witnessed first-hand how a small business operates, providing a valuable first-hand experience into industry workflows. So much mutual value was created between parties and Bunker Supply is excited to continue to participate in such an impactful program for service members and businesses alike!”
“This is by far the best experience in my AF/SF Acquisitions career. It is an amazing opportunity for every professional in the DoD and in my opinion, if we are to stay ahead of the innovation power curve this fellowship should be mandatory for every leader in the acquisitions career fields. This opportunity will truly open your eyes to the amount of innovation that is at our fingertips that may be underutilized and will most likely be the most powerful tool to your professional tool belt.”
“Shift is an organization that delivers cross-industry upskilling programs for active military and a talent marketplace featuring veterans. Shift can get you skilled, diverse, military members for up to a 6 month internship (SkillBridge). We (interns from Shift) do this as “unpaid” interns because we’re still getting our military paycheck! Ethical, effective, epic. Everybody wins!”
“Participating in the Defense Ventures Fellow program has been a pivotal experience for Ascent Integrated Tech. Through the program, we've embedded a warfighter within our team, and their direct input has been instrumental in shaping our defense technology roadmap and strategy. We remain committed to this program, recognizing its invaluable role as a catalyst for our knowledge expansion, innovation fostering, and mission advancement.”
The military is a small microcosm. The most experienced pilot you fly with has a maximum of twenty years of military flying experience. Within the D-Fellows Program, I got the chance to learn from and fly with a pilot with fifty years of helicopter experience that flew in movies, firefighting operations and logging operations. I would definitely recommend D-Fellows to anybody.”