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Work, with purpose

Shift is an a16z, Expa, and Structure Capital backed startup. Our mission is to advance the careers of military members, past and present.

Our vision is to create a world where career growth and learning are visible, accessible, and affordable, and the diversity of someone’s experience and achievements are fairly assessed and celebrated.

Transitions across industries should advance someone's career, rather than hold them back.
Our Squad

About the team

We’re a team of folks of diverse backgrounds, who come from both military and civilian sectors, and who are deeply committed to our mission. There is nothing more sincere and powerful than the desire of each of our team members to make a difference in the lives of those who have dedicated their lives to service.  
“I joined Shift because I was intrigued by the Career Accelerator and Navigating Next programs, which are unlike anything else being offered right now in the military employment space.  Even better, I’m surrounded by smart, helpful, dedicated teammates who make it fun to go to work each day.  As an Army spouse, I appreciate the flexibility of a remote-first organization with generous PTO as it eliminates the inevitable “will I be able to keep my job?” worry that comes with every military move.”
Lindsay Teplesky
Senior Manager, Community & Career Discovery
"Each veteran that attends the Career Accelerator have incredibly interesting stories and very few of them realize it! Being able to build an experience for them to understand their story, learn how to tell it, and watch them find their stride because of it is one of the most exciting things I experience on a daily basis."
Curtis Dewey-Spiker
Program Manager, Career Accelerator
Our culture

Six principles that guide us


We accept responsibility for our actions and the commitments we make to others.


We think “brilliant jerk” is an oxymoron. We are sensitive to the feelings of others and are actively seeking out new perspectives.


We bring our whole and best selves to work to show honesty and build trust


We prize being truthful, honest, and demonstrating strong ethical principles


Intellectual curiosity is the backbone of our collaboration efforts. We seek to learn, to understand and to clarify when rationale or expectations are unclear.


All of us together and individually stand for something bigger than ourselves: our teams, our community, our mission.
what you get

Tons of benefits.

Generous Health Care Coverage
Variety of paid coverage options for you and qualified dependents for medical, dental and vision.
Competitive salary and sizable equity
You'll own a piece of our success.
401K with a 6% match 
Helping to take care of your future in more ways than one.
Employee Resource Groups
Internal resource groups to provide community and voice to each person on the team regardless of their background or walk of life.
Paid pregnancy and parental leave
Fully paid leave to help take care of you and your new bundle of joy.
Flexible time off and a remote team
Plenty o' PTO to lead a balanced life and support for you to work remotely.

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