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Transitioning Military
Getting hired straight out of the military had a transformative impact on my post-service journey, providing me with a seamless transition into a new career path while preserving the sense of purpose, discipline, and teamwork that I developed during my time in the military.”
Carly Myers
Skillbridge and Full time Coordinator of Military and Community Relations; San Diego Padres
Hiring Partner
So much mutual value was created between parties and Bunker Supply is excited to continue to participate in such an impactful program for service members and businesses alike!”
Ryan Olsen
CEO of Bunker Supply Co.
This is by far the best experience in my AF/SF Acquisitions career. It is an amazing opportunity for every professional in the DoD and in my opinion, if we are to stay ahead of the innovation power curve this fellowship should be mandatory for every leader in the acquisitions career fields.“
Dan Wolcott
Infrared System Operations Transition Manager
Transitioning Military
Shift can get you skilled, diverse, military members for up to a 6 month internship (SkillBridge). We (interns from Shift) do this as “unpaid” interns because we’re still getting our military paycheck! Ethical, effective, epic. Everybody wins!”
Kaley Sirak
Skillbridge Intern at F7 Ventures, Full time Product Manager at Raft
Hiring Partner
We remain committed to this program, recognizing its invaluable role as a catalyst for our knowledge expansion, innovation fostering, and mission advancement.”
Alex Gorsuch
CTO of Ascent Integrated Tech
Within the D-Fellows Program, I got the chance to learn from and fly with a pilot with fifty years of helicopter experience that flew in movies, firefighting operations and logging operations. I would definitely recommend D-Fellows to anybody.”
Christopher Titus
1st Lieutenant
Love DVP! As an alum, I can attest to how this fellowship is a total game changer. It gave me an opportunity to break away and learn from the greatest minds in the tech/VC world...Engagements and immersions with industry and academia plus the opportunity to put it to work is the winning combination in defense innovation.”
Bridget Pantaleon
Intelligence Officer
DVP is one of the best programs available! I love how it's open to such a wide range of ranks and backgrounds. We're just a group of individuals, focused on innovation and dedicated to the proposition that the status quo can be changed."
Bryce Mitchell
Intelligence Professional
Transitioning Military
Once I matched with a Metova, Shift facilitated my transition into the skillbridge program by ensuring a warm handoff was done, which was comforting considering how the turbulence military transition can bring. Thanks to the team at Shift for their unwavering dedication to veterans across the globe!"
Randy Gilbert
Business Development Representative
Transitioning Military
Transition is an incredibly stressful time, and having a platform like Shift makes it much easier to get your name out there to a variety of companies. There are great opportunities to network with other veterans that are going through the same process and provides a sense of community.”
Christian Austin
Software Engineer
Hiring Partner
Shift gave us confidence we were making the right choice, and by the time they started they were ramped and ready to go.”
Kayla Cook
Chief of Staff, Axios
Software & Data

Are you skilled at building software or working with data? Eager to dig into the product life cycle and identify where you can best contribute? Advance your career through interactions with industry experts, hands-on exercises with your peers, and connection to Shift’s hiring partners.

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Sales & Customer Ops

Explore how to frame your military experience in a way that resonates with sales and customer success recruiters and why you are a great fit for these careers. Understand the customer lifecycle from prospecting to account management and identify where you best fit.

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Navigating Next

In a moment of career change but not quite sure what’s next? Explore your interests, discover your professional goals, and learn the tools you’ll need to take your next career steps.

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Project & Program Management

Learn how to transform your previously structured military approach into new project management roles. Gain insight from other veterans who have found success and translate your experiences to stand out as a high-potential candidate.

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What to expect from your
8-week fellowship

  • Plan for three hours of virtual group meetings and five hours of self-paced work per week. The more you give, the more you grow.
  • Join a cohort of like-minded peers in your target industry and benefit from a powerful support network as you expand your career.
  • Develop interview-ready skills while gaining exclusive industry knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to help you rapidly succeed.
  • Build your resume, own your story, and learn from inside experts. Stand out with confidence as you begin the job application process.
  • Complete a Career Accelerator to fast-track your job search and guarantee your member profile is highlighted to Shift hiring partners.
  • Commit to professional growth, peer support, and mentoring the next generation of veterans when you find success in your new career.
Air Force Ventures Fellowship

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The AFVentures Fellowship program connects the best and brightest from the United States Air Force with Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms and technology startups.

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