GAINING Clarity In Career Transitions

Navigating Next

Figuring out what’s next can be challenging and stressful. Join a cohort of fellow career explorers to discover your goals and pursue them with success using our toolkit for navigating the ambiguity of a civilian career.

What Shift participants say about the program

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“Navigating Next did not teach to some low-level common denominator of super basic civilian professional tips like be enthusiastic in your interviews or dress for success - it aims to make you the most sophisticated civilian professionals out there. This program breaks down any assumptions about what you should do and respects that each person has to come up with that independently.”
Kirsten Asdal
May/June 2021 Cohort, Navigating Next
“This course was fantastic! I did not realize how beneficial the break out sessions we’re going to be. Service members and veterans of all ranks were able to truly talk candidly and help each other out. It was a terrific dynamic. I have told every Marine at my unit about Navigating Next ever since I started.”
Danny D. Morales De La Cruz
April 2021 Cohort, Navigating Next
“This program was amazing. I am so fortunate to have taken part in this class. I was so nervous about retirement, but I feel ready to tackle that challenge. I have tried many transition resources, programs, and organizations, but Navigating Next tops everything is offered. It is realistic and talks about how we really feel inside.”
Stephanie Graham
May/June 2021 Cohort, Navigating Next
“I have bounced around for a few years working on my transition looking at many different jobs, but I finally found the program that can really help me figure out what I want to do next. Navigating Next was eye opening and delivered so much perspective that I was missing. I participated in the workshop from 0200-0330 my time zone because it provides that much value to me, and was usually so amped after the sessions that I didn't end up getting back to sleep.”
Jason Glover
July 2021, Navigating Next
“Navigating Next is hands down the most beneficial program I have ever taken. This program helped me focus on myself and what I need/want. I don't feel anyone could walk away from this program and say they didn't grow or receive meaningful resources that will help them now and in the future.”
Ruby Barerra
May/June 2021 Cohort, Navigating Next
“The information I gained from Navigating Next, I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. This program gave me insight on my struggles that I wasn't alone, assisted me in discovering occupations to suit my personality, opened up networks, and created a safety net that I feel comfortable in reaching out to in the future. I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels they need a compass for their journey.”
Travis Rogillio
April 2021 Cohort, Navigating Next

Career transitions can be stressful and disorienting

Whether you’re transitioning from the military or have been out for a while and haven’t yet found your fit, figuring out where you belong can be a difficult process.
Explore your interests and values
Zoom out from your day-to-day to examine how the military has shaped you and what you want out of your post-service life.
Brainstorm and reality test career ideas
Conduct small group exercises with volunteer coaches to identify career paths you may not have previously considered.
Learn to pursue your goals with success
Dive into lessons on storytelling and networking to learn how to win allies to your cause and stand out from the crowd.

Program schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Ten, 90-minute required sessions
5-6:30 PM Pacific / 8-9:30 PM Eastern


Four optional 60-minute Communicating Your Value events
5-6 PM Pacific / 8-9 PM Eastern


Weekly lunch-and-learn sessions
with Shift hiring partners
12-1 PM Pacific / 3-4 PM Eastern


A Community of Peers
Access to Shift’s Career Community on Slack, including job-seeker resources and hot job announcements from our partners.

Hiring Network
Connection to Shift’s hiring partner network via our Talent Spotlight program or SkillBridge internships.

No Cost to You!
All Shift programming is offered at no cost to job-seekers, as all expenses are covered by our hiring partners.

Upcoming dates

August 17 - September 16, 2021
September 28 - October 28, 2021
November 9 - December 16, 2021

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What to expect from your five-week experience

Dive into the pre-work! This includes readings, videos, and podcasts that will kickstart your brainstorming and reframe your vision of what’s possible.

Attend two Zoom sessions per week featuring small group work, class discussions, and instruction from career transition experts.

Get the practice needed for your newfound personal narrative via mock storytelling and interview workshops with volunteer hiring managers.

As the final step, you will complete your Shift candidate profile and be featured as a top candidate to our hiring partner network.

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