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Try Military Talent On For Size

Access a steady stream of military talent for 3-6 month internships funded by the US Department of Defense, with the goal of hiring them onto your team.

Let Shift take the complexity out of hiring military talent.

Military resumes can be confusing to read, and veterans’ transferable skills aren’t alway obvious to civilians. SkillBridge interns come at no cost to you for 3-6 months - they’ll demonstrate their value far before you need to make the decision to hire.
Access a steady stream of talent.
A Shift SkillBridge subscription provides 20 new interview-ready candidates every two weeks for you to choose from.
All you need to do is the interviews.
Select the candidates you’re interested in and reach out to them directly for interviews with your team.
Let us handle the paperwork.
Shift is an accredited SkillBridge provider, so we deal directly with the Department of Defense and file all necessary paperwork.
Leverage our subscription model.
By purchasing Shift’s Talent Tool, you get unlimited seats and unlimited hires. If you hire one candidate at the end of their internship, you’ll break even.

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So... what’s the catch?

It may seem too good to be true, but there is no catch — except the opportunity to hire the best talent entering the civilian labor force each year. Many companies are already tapping into this incredible resource through a partnership with Shift.

This unique opportunity is authorized by Congress and fully funded by the Department of Defense (DOD). You only begin paying your interns and providing benefits if you decide to hire them full-time. 


Because the DOD benefits when service members successfully transition to the civilian workforce. The DOD wants the best possible outcomes for separating members: not just short-term jobs, but careers with good pay and opportunities for advancement just as they had while in the service.
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Explore Shift’s network of interview-ready internship candidates

  • Unlimited seats
    give your entire team an opportunity to support your initiative
  • Unlimited hires
    no per-hire fees allow our partnership to scale as you grow
  • Not a database
    interview-ready candidates who respond at 5x the industry average
  • Translated profiles translated for quick, accurate assessment by recruiters & fellow veterans
Your Next Steps

Selecting your SkillBridge interns

Shift’s partnerships team streamlines the SkillBridge process so all you need to do is select and interview candidates.
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Fill out the form above to indicate interest in learning more and schedule time to connect with our partnerships team.
Decide to partner with Shift. Sign a partnership agreement and get immediate access to SkillBridge candidates in Shift’s Talent Tool for 12 months.
Check out our talent! When interested in a specific candidate, use the Talent Tool to reach out to them directly, schedule interviews, and run them through your preferred talent acquisition process.
When you’ve decided to hire a candidate as a SkillBridge intern, notify your Shift Customer Success Manager. Shift processes the required paperwork with the Department of Defense to ensure that your intern is officially released from duty to begin work with you.
Intern starts with you on a mutually agreed upon date and works full-time at no cost to your company for 3-6 months. At the conclusion of the internship, either you hire your intern full-time or you part ways amicably, just like you would at the end of any other internship relationship.