We're redesigning the pipeline of opportunities for veterans.

Shift is on a mission to build pathways out of the service that didn’t previously exist.

We go deep to analyze military career paths and performance in order to extract core competencies. We learn about "invisible" skills and traits — things like soft skills and work domain preferences. Then we go through a similar process to systematically describe job descriptions, which allows us to predict high-confidence matches between service members and roles.

We’re doing this today through partnership with the military that allows soon-to-be-veterans to start working at companies during their final months of active duty service. This trial period lowers risks to companies and veterans alike, leading to better placements that excite everyone involved.

Why Shift?

One of the big challenges for today’s veterans is that government and commercial job placement agencies make recommendations mostly based on military job titles. Unfortunately, modern jobs at high-growth companies often aren't listed in the recommendation databases.

We realized that many veterans thrive in high-growth environments, and we can unlock serious potential if we can translate skills more intelligently. That’s when we decided to start Shift.

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Intelligent Matching

We’re building predictive models to provide a new way to match military backgrounds with job posts and tell the fascinating stories of today’s military veterans.

Every time a veteran is hired on Shift, our ability to predict a perfect match gets better, and we’re one step closer to creating seamless and professional hiring experiences for any company.

How we match

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